What's Indian Hair?

What's all the hoopla about raw Indian hair vendors? The latest hair extension product in African American beauty salons now is Indian Hair. It is hot after I say it is hot. African American women due to its versatility appreciate Indian hair. Indian hair may be worn directly using a deeper curl pattern or curled having a natural curl pattern. Both hair kinds may be flat ironed straight for a sleek smooth appearance. It may be bought at Shear Essence Products for a very affordable price. A few of the opponents bill a great deal more for hair that is Indian; yet, it is the same exact product.
Really I wear the hair myself, and that I completely adore it. I don't appear to need to wear anything else other than hair that is Indian. Generally, Indian hair is bought uncooked; another name that was more common is raw Indian hair vendors. While I say uncooked, I mean sent right to the states and cut from straight in the Indian girl's hair. Nothing is done to the hair when it is sent. We just shampoo, state, and color the hair if necessary, when we get it at Shear Essence Salon. Another motive the African American culture is driven to this hair as the hair can be purchased by you up to 36 inches long, tangle free. Now that is serious business when it comes to hair extensions and weaves. Therefore, for those who haven't attempted Indian hair you might want to get on the band wagon. You're missing out!