What is involved in PHILADELPHIA SEO?

SEO is an essential element of any successful business, because in this digital age, online presence is definitely more important than a physical presence. philadelphia seo process involves a number of techniques, which would help the business in the long term through customer loyalty and a strong online presence. The elements are:
• Initial analysis: this involves understanding the nature of the business and conducting a preliminary analysis about the needs of the business and what it requires from its customers and users. • Keyword research: keeping a tab on the essential keywords that most describe the nature and essence of the business is the second step in the Philadelphia seo process. • Competitor analysis: this indicates recognizing the competition of the business and the steps that they have initiated to gain that competitive edge. It requires a thorough analysis of the finding the best methods to counter competition and gain the edge in the market. • On-site coding and implementation: this involves using HTML codes or algorithms to be found on search engines. • Copywriting: this is the most important element in the process. It involves changing the content of the website to include more keywords that would show up when written on search engines. The content should be relevant to the business and should describe in clear simple terms what the company is into and other such details. • Speed and site performance: this involves checking for the speed of the website, the loading time of pages etc. this is essential as customers and potential customers cannot wait for long periods and hence the business risks losing out on customers. • Marketing: this involves marketing the website through various methods. • Follow-up: Philadelphia seo doesn’t only mean performing an analysis and leaving it as is. It also involves staying up to date with current trends and changing content regularly so as to stay on top of the list.